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Static Eliminator

The best way to eliminate problems arising due to Static Electricity.

Static Eliminator – This is the best way to eliminate problems arising due to Static Electricity otherwise known as Static Charge.  

Static Eliminator works as Static Eliminator to protect equipments from Static Electricity or Static Charge.

  • Do you want to safeguard the quality of your Products from Static Electricity  problems?

  • Are you looking for a solution, for the problems caused due to Static Electricity? Then you have come to the proper place.  

  • Do you want to protect your Operators from fatal shocks?  

  • Do you want to protect your material from distorted quality or fire hazards arising due to Static problems?  

  • Do you want to protect on wastages of material, electricity, man hours due to Static problems?

  • Do you want to run the process without any obstructions due to Static Electricity / Static Charge generated in the process? 


Don’t worry ! Read on....... you are on the way for getting the RIGHT Answers

As you read further you will discover the profitable ways to enhance your Products quality and save you from great deals of problems.

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  • What is Static Electricity / Static Charge in simple terms?

  • How is Static Electricity developed?

  • Which factors are responsible for development of Static Electricity ?

  • How does Static Eliminator work ?

  • Different Types of Static Eliminator

  • Various Accessories of Static Eliminator

  • Different Applications of Static Eliminator

  • Where Static Eliminator will not be useful?

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    What is Static Electricity / Static Charge in simple terms?

    Static Electricity / Static Charge is simply described as an imbalance of positive and negative charges i.e. created or generated due to the friction between two insulating surfaces that accept or donates Electrons from last valance shell.


    How is Static Electricity developed?

    Static Electricity is developed primarily by induction, friction and separation. 
    In any of this process, frictional heat is produced. It is more than enough to accept or donate the Electrons from the last valance shell of molecule. 


    Which factors are responsible for development of Static Electricity?

    The material types determine the amount of Static Electricity that gets developed. Even the polarity of Static Electricity will keep on changing depending on the two different types of material.

    This means, if Product A is rubbed against Product B, then Product A will develop a Positive Static Charge. However if Product A is rubbed against Product C (having different composition) Product A might develop Negative Static Charge.  

    Static generation is also dependant on the product texture. A rough or matty finish of the surface Product will have more friction hence more Static Electricity is developed. 

    Finer / glossier the surface, lesser the friction comparatively and subsequently lesser the Static Electricity generation.

    Humidity also plays a vital role in development of Static Electricity. It is observed that level of humidity is inversely proportional to the development of Static Electricity.

    This means whenever humidity is higher (water being conductor of Electricity), development of Static Electricity is comparatively lower. Because of humidity (more than 60%) Static Electricity leaks out to the earth. As the atmosphere becomes more dryer, the development of Static Electricity tends to be more.

    Temperature change – whenever any metal or object’s temperature increases due to increased conductivity, Static Electricity decreases. If the material has good insulative properties then Static Electricity will remain for more time.

    It may be found out that when certain object is hot, it will not carry any Static Electricity, however when it cools down it will develop some Static Charge. For example: Injection Molding Machine.

    If different objects having different levels of Static Charge are kept together over each other or near vicinity, a combination and accumulation of Static Electricity takes place resulting in very high Static Charge. This is also referred as Combination or Battery Effect.

    During repetition of friction between two objects and consecutive release will tend to develop Static Electricity.  


    What is Static Eliminator ?

    The Static Eliminator is an instrument that eliminates the Static Electricity or Static Charge.  

    Any material or object when holding Electrical Charge of either polarity, which remain with material over a certain amount of time is said to have a Static Charge i.e. the Electricity or Electrical Charges of either polarity on the surface that cannot move from one point to another.



    Different Types of Static Eliminator

    • Grounding
      1) Mainly used for Grounding the Static Electricity from the surfaces. 
          However, many a time it is not possible to give complete Grounding 
          points on the insulating surface. 
      2) If accumulated Static Electricity is more than the handling capacity and 
          Grounding is provided, then abrupt spark gets generated. This is more 
          hazardous in the process.
      3) Grounding method is effectively used for removing the Static Electricity 
           from the lightning to protect the Buildings.  

    • Active Static Eliminator :
      Mainly, this type of Static Eliminator works on corona principle. When high voltage is supplied to the sharp edge in the near vicinity of earthing, then very low intensity corona is developed. This break the air molecule, in the near vicinity of edge, is broken in positive and negative charge particles / Ions. Opposite charges combine to neutralise each other and similar charges help making the atmosphere conducting.  

    • Atomic Bombardment :
      Many a time specific Gamma rays are bombarded on the surface to eliminate the Static Electricity. However this is very costly process. 

    • Addition of Anti Static Chemicals
      Particularly in Textile, Paper, Plastic Industries, they add some Anti Static Chemicals in raw materials before final processing. This Chemical prevents the generation, accumulation of Static Electricity. However, this hampers the product quality, as well as, look. 


    Various Accessories of Static Eliminator

    Static Eliminator consists of mainly, 
    1) Drive Unit and 2) Ioniser 

    • Drive Unit
      This is High Voltage Generator. Depending on Circuit Designer high voltage value varies however it is just above the adequate voltage required to break the air molecules in positive and negative Ions. 
      This high voltage is required to give to the Ionisers of different shapes suitable for different Applications.

    • Ioniser :
      1) Channel type Ionisers are used in straight Film Wrapping Machines. 
           In this Wrapping process Film is cut and falls freely under gravitation 
           overwraps the cartoon. However, due to Static Electricity this cut Film 
           piece sticks to Rubber Roller or come out of the Rollers. To avoid this 
           process problem, Channel type Ioniser is used in between Rollers and 
           the Cutter. 
      2) Pipe type Ionisers are used in Textile, Rubber, Adhesive types, Plastic 
           Film, Printing, Laminations manufacturing Units / Machines. Being the 
           width of the substrate is comparatively high [more than 500 mm] Pipe 
           type Ionisers are quite useful due to its strength.
      3) Ring type Ionisers are specially manufactured for Form Fill Seal [FFS] 
           Machines where the Plastic Tube in which the material is filled is 
           surrounded by this eliminates Static Electricity. 
      4) Blower type Ionisers is used where ordinary hand cannot be reached 
           viz. to eliminate Static Electricity from inner line of the Plastic Pipe. 


    Different Applications of Static Eliminator 

    • Wrapping Machines - Using Static Eliminator, the flow of Plastic Film cuts is properly maintained. 

    • Form Fill Seal Machines [FFS] - After filling the powders in the Plastic Tubes, some particles get trapped in the seal. That developes pin holes in the Packet resulting powder leakage. After using the Ring type Ionisers the process is smoother.

    • Cassette Industry
      a) In the BOPP wrapping process
      b) Due to the fast continuous friction between Master roll and body of the 
          Container where it moves, heavy Static Electricity gets generated and 
          developes abrupt sparks resulting the pin holes in the Master roll using 
          the Static Eliminator lots of funds can be saved. 

    • Adhesive Tapes / Printing / Laminating Industry - In the last Roll, heavy Static Electricity gets generated that give heavy shocks to the Operators. Hence they hesitate to align the Web keeping the wrinkles as it is. Moreover, many a time it is a cause of fire hazard. Using the Pipe type Ionisers you can get rid of all such problems.

    • In Pharmaceutical Packaging 

    • Plastic Film Extruder - using Pipe type Ionisers, shock, fire hazard, attraction of very fine dust, is prevented.

    • Textiles
      a) Strainter Machine - use of Static Eliminator prevents the pin holes in 
           the fabric, attraction of fine dust and shocks to the Operators.
      b) Warping & Sizing Machines - use of Static Eliminator prevents the 
           sticking of yarns to each other.

    • Rubber Industries - Heavy Static Electricity is generated on the Rubber Sheets that detoriates the Product quality. Using the Static Eliminators, Static Electricity is eliminated which helps maintaining the Product quality and prevent the Operators from getting the heavy shocks.

    • Plastic Film Slitters - As the Cutter moves very fast, it developes heavy friction with the Film resulting the heavy Static Electricity generation. Hence the Film cuts cannot get properly pilled up. Using the Static Eliminator this process is smoother and faster without any wastage. 



    Where Static Eliminator will not be useful? 

    • Active type Static Eliminators cannot be used where the dense inflammable fumes are present. 

    • Active type Static Eliminators cannot be used in explosives Industry where the Static Electricity gets generated due to the friction between different powders.

    • Active type Static Eliminators cannot be used in the fluid flow inside the PVC Pipe process. 


    What are the bad effects of Static Electricity?

    • Process problems

    • Fatal shocks to the Operators 

    • Fatal accidents in process houses in extreme cases.

    • Fire or explosion

    • Loss or damage to costly material

    • Loss of quality of material

    • Dust attraction

    • Failure of precious Electronic component (CMOS IC's)

    If Static Electricity is so damaging and dangerous, the question pops-up...? 


    How do we eliminate the problems of Static Electricity?

    Since any object can either have an excessive Positive or Negative Charge, you need to deploy the methods to remove those individual Charges.

    • You can neutralize excessive Positive Static Charge by counter acting Negative Static Charge through supply of Electrons.

    • You can neutralize Negative Static Charge by connecting it to earth or air.  

    • Using the Ions (Charged particles) you can make the atmosphere conducting that helps leaking out the Static Electricity. 

    I will now confine our discussion to elimination of Static Electricity by the way of ionization viz. Passive ionization and High Voltage Active Electrical Ionization using corona principle.  


    How does Static Eliminator works ?

    Static Eliminator are working on corona principle, which are used for removing Static Electricity.

    Static Eliminator protect valuable Electronic equipments, protect Operators from Static shocks, and fire Hazards occurring due to Static Electricity.

    In our Static Eliminator, a high voltage (upto 5 KVA) is supplied to sharp edged pins. An air molecule in the vicinity of sharp edge are broken in positive and negatively charged particles called as Ions. These ions help neutralizing Static Electricity from the substrate. These are called as Active Static Eliminator, which eliminate the Static Electricity from the surface temporarily till another friction takes place.  


    How do I buy or  place order for Static Eliminator?

    If you are Packaging Machine Manufacturer or Any Manufacturer who will require Static Eliminator on regular and bulk basis, we can offer quantity discount and good shipping terms. Please click here to get No obligation, Free Quote.


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